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Rice Reservoir is located in Lincoln and Oneida County within the School District of Tomahawk.

Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Rice Reservoir is a 3,764 acre chain with a total of three lakes (Bridge, Nokomis, and Rice Flowage).  Rice Reservoir is an impoundment of the Tomahawk and Little Rice River.

Lake District Goals

The Lake Nokomis Lake District goals are to protect the water quality of our reservoir. We will continue to fight any Aquatic Invasive Species, or any other pollution sources that threaten our body of water. We will also strive to rehabilitate any degrading conditions, and will always work to keep our waters a clean and healthy place for all to enjoy the various recreational opportunities that our reservoir offers.

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Lake Nokomis Lake District Commission


Chair:  Scott Swenty        scotts.lnld@gmail.com

Vice-Chair:  Larry Beaumont    LBeau.lnld@gmail.com

Secretary:  Bette Stillman    bstillman2415@charter.net

Treasurer:  Bob MacDonald    bobmac7@charter.net

Oneida County Representative: Alan VanRaalte  a.e.vanraalte@gmail.com